Service & Support

Service Contracts

The Connected Home Company is proud to offer 12 month service and support contract options with all smart Home Automation and Security installations.

This includes an annual service of all installed products, which will include the updating of software for each device to ensure they are all performing properly.
Included are unlimited engineer call outs for any system breakdowns across London and the South East of England, with only parts and labour charged in addition.

Post Incident Support

 We understand that in the event of an incident at your home such as a burglary or a theft, it can be a very stressful time.
If you choose to take out an optional annual post incident support contract, you can be assured of a response from one of our senior team members to review and download the footage from your home CCTV system, producing it into a format that can be provided to the police along with a statement to remove this burden from you.

Remote Support

Our friendly engineers will always try to offer you support over the telephone to attempt to troubleshoot any issue that arises.

Depending on the nature of your Connected Home installation we may also be able to offer support and remedial fixes, via remote access support if you grant permission at the time of install for this option to be enabled. This may save you from having to wait for an engineer to physically attend your home and get your system back up and running promptly.