We can supply, install and program an expandable modular alarm system that can be controlled from your phone or tablet wherever you are in the world.

We have a variety of components to ensure that all requirements can be met and that we can cater to all budgets.

As with all our installations you will recieve easy to follow instruction in the operation of the alarm, and it will be set up by our engineer to meet your needs and expectations.


Through external and internal closed circuit or IP cameras we can offer you the security of high definition, recorded footage of your home and its grounds.  We also have the option of using PIR motion sensors fitted with cameras to send images of any internal intruders direct to your phone, whilst your home alarm system activates, so that these can be shared immediately with the police when contacted.

We can also supply and install two way CCTV door access intercom systems for domestic and business premises.


When combined with some of our other smart home solutions we can take your security to the next level, such as enabling internal lights to turn on or flash on and off in the event of an intruder detection, or enabling a talk through via your phone, wherever you are in the world into the property to directly challenge any would be intruders to deter them from attempting to make entry to the house.

We can even add smoke detectors to your alarm system to get alerts straight to your phone or programme them to set off your security alarm to use the powerful siren to wake up all occupants in the event of a fire being detected.


Each visit from us involves a detailed bespoke design service for your premises based on the needs as outlined to us by you. None of our systems require any expensive monthly subscription fees and we carry a range of wireless options to ensure that disruption to your home is kept to a minimum.

It is our aim to design, supply and install a total security solution for your premises. If you want to split the cost, further additions can be made at a later date as the system is customisable and modular. All that would be required is a further call out, and for the engineer to reprogramme the system to accomodate the further pieces of equipment.


Some of the Security based options available are:

  • Expandable multi zone alarm system
  • PIR motion sensors with or without cameras capable of sending footage to your phone
  • Internal and external wireless IP cameras providing high definition CCTV coverage inside and outside of your property
  • Keypad, smartphone and fob alarm and building access control.
  • Telephone alarm transmission - recieve phonecalls to a selection of pre-programmed numbers in the event of an activation.


The Connected Home Company will programme your home alarms and CCTV systems to your requirements on site and every customer will be provided with a tutorial to ensure that they get the most from their home security and automation options. 

Our smart home installations are supported by simple to use apps available on both Android and IOS to ensure maximum compatibility. 

We cover London and the South East of England and offer ongoing support packages such as service contracts, that can be tailored to suit your needs and can include an post incident support option - for more please see our Support section.