Home Automation

Smart Heating

Control your heating from your phone. We can include both underfloor and conventional heating systems into your connected home solution. On your way home from work on a colder evening - use your phone to turn up the thermostat, and switch on the hot water to enjoy a hot shower immediately upon your return.


From independent side lamps, to ceiling lights and under cabinet lighting we have a product range to ensure that this can all be remotely operated from your smart phone or tablet device. We can adapt your existing fixtures and fittings to integrate with our home automation systems, saving you from having to purchase expensive 'smart' replacements.


We all have our own routines within our homes, such as particular lights we want on in certain rooms at different times of the day. Smart home programming can ensure that this becomes automated, so you know that when you return home your house is set up just as you like it with the blinds closed, the lighting as you want it and the house heated to the perfect temperature.

A Connected Home Story....

Automated Lighting and Smart controlled Heating

Imagine your house realises your presence approaching down the street and opens the gate to your driveway, just as the outside lights activate. 

Your home alarm automatically turns off recognising your arrival home and the garage door retracts as the internal garage lights illuminate. 

Security, CCTV, Home Audio & Visual equipment

As your movements from the garage into the house are detected, the gates and garage doors close and the internal garage light shuts off, whilst your prefered internal room lights turn on.

Your television set up switches on welcoming you home and inviting you to put your feet up and relax.

Blinds, Shutters, Curtains, Garage doors and gates

When the evening is over, a simple command on your smart phone or tablet ensures that the house puts itself to bed, securing the premises through the alarm, and carrying out the turning off of unwanted lights and electrical equipment.

This is the Connected Home and we believe this is the future.

Delta Dore Tydom 1.0

Check out this great video of one of the Connected Home solutions we support.

Smart Home Solutions

How it works:

  • Get in touch and let us know your details so we can discuss your requirements.
  • We'll arrange to meet you at your home at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends as we appreciate that it isn't always possible to be at home during the conventional working week, to carry out a home survey and talk through the connected home solutions that we can offer.
  • You will be provided with a quote for the package discussed and one of our qualified engineers will carry out the installation and deliver training on the system to ensure you get the most from your connected home solution.
  • If you have chosen to take out one of tailor made suppport packages you can sit back and enjoy the newly automated features of your home safe in the knowledge that our friendly engineers are just a call away if you experience any technical issues.